Jul 182011

Free Online Tools for Salespeople

Free Online Tools: An article by meredith

Being a sales person is not an easy job, no matter what the economy. But it’s been especially challenging these last few years. So here are a few free online sales tools that really will help you sell.

1. Google Alerts– Want to know when someone mentions your products or services online? Or how about staying abreast of what your competition is doing? With Google Alerts you can have that information sent to you via an automatic email update, or a daily/weekly email report. You can also track alerts using an RSS feed reader.

2. MyBrainShark– This free tool makes online marketing easy by enabling you to record and add an audio narration to a PowerPoint presentation. Once the files are combined online, you can then share the information with your clients or prospects via email or post the link on a social networking site like Facebook. The service also enables you to track who views the file.

3. Mikogo– Need to conduct an online meeting or sales presentation? This free service enables you to share your desktop so a prospect can view your presentation or anything else on your computer. You can also conduct online meetings with up to 9 other people.

4. Google Calendar – If you need help staying on schedule, check out this other free tool from Google. The easy to use interface, smart phone integration and ability to share calendars with anyone you wish, combine to create a handy tool for staying organized while you’re on the go.

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