Jul 182011

Training; Marc My Words: Back to Basics – When Training Is Not the Answer

Training, By Marc J. Rosenberg, July 12, 2011, via Learning Solutions Magazine

“[B]eing judicious with training, and embracing a more comprehensive set of performance solutions, actually increases the efficacy of the training function.”

We talk a lot about performance. We know that training is just one of many solutions to performance problems. We suggest that training departments should become performance improvement departments. We get it.

Or do we? Too often, there’s more talk about performance than action. Too often, we offer training solutions (including eLearning) for problems that we know are not training related. We know better, but for reasons that are often, but not always, out of our control, we revert to what’s comfortable and what’s expected.

So let’s take a step back and look again at key performance problems, and how to decide whether or not training is the proper response. Here are fourteen reasons (Table 1) why people don’t perform; fourteen reasons that likely cover 99% of all performance situations you might face. How many of them can training really solve? How many require other considerations and approaches instead of, or in addition to training?

Table 1. Fourteen reasons why people don’t perform, and what you might be able to do about it.




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