Jul 012011

Training Stick: Making Training Stick and Belief

Training Stick: June 23, 2011 , by Barbara Carnes, Via maketrainingstick.com

Does believing in yourself and the ability to apply new skills help make the training stick?

A review of current research on training transfer shows a trainee characteristic called “self-efficacy”.  Similar to but not the same as self-confidence, the notion of self-efficacy is the belief in one’s own competence.  It is rooted in several theories in the field of psychology, and impacts people’s choices of behavior, their motivation, and thought patterns.  For example, people are more likely to take on a task if they believe they can succeed.  People who have higher self-efficacy are more likely to try out new skills and behaviors, and people who have lower self-efficacy are unlikely to take on new challenges and may avoid them altogether.

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