Jun 212011

Mobile Learning: Ten Tips for Designing Mobile Learning Content

Mobile Learning: By Gerry Griffin, June 20, 2011, Via Learning Solutions Magazine

“The responsibility for deciding how, when, and what someone learns, is shifting from learning providers to the learners themselves. This all-of-the-time availability of information is crucial to empower and motivate users as to when, where, and how they “consume” their learning. More motivated learners will hopefully give us higher levels of use, retention, and actual application of the learning — our learning goal.”

It’s easy to get hung up about technology with mobile learning, but the real market driver is content. You can’t re-heat just any old content and drop it onto a mobile. Content needs to be fit for purpose to deliver a return on investment by improving productivity and content retention, increasing compliance, or reducing risk. Here’s what makes great mobile content.

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