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Reinforcement Schedules: No argument – practice is needed for mastery and retention. But how much? What kind? When? How? How is the result critiqued and performance feedback given? Your thoughts?

Reference: a NY Times article raised the question concerning elementary education practices. But doesn’t the issue apply to higher ed too?

Schools are responding to concerns that high-stakes testing and competition for college have fueled a grind that does little to raise achievement.


Thomas S. McDonald • Good stuff

There is lots of great information from researchers and educators identifying that
the process of individual learning needs to be revamped.

With critical information, one to many instruction needs to be replaced by one to one instruction with ongoing, appropriate, individual reinforcement, for individual fluency and individual information transfer to occur.

You have stated the dilemma; how do you cost effectively, individually, reinforce information (differentiated instruction), to accomodate the individual needs of individual participants, to ensure critical information, individual information transfer?

With the current process of one to many learning and delivery, you either need to integrate accelerated learning methodologies into the curriculum and knowledge management technology (blackboard/moodle), or integrate, learner centric, intelligent tutoring technology which incorporates individual, research proven, brain-based, accelerated learning methodologies with scalable tutoring and mentoring communication tools.

Since individuals come to the table with differing knowledge and differing learning abilities, compounded by differing content, manually customizing a course plan with individualized, spacing pacing and reinforcement, over time with sleep inbetween, is a real challenge, especially since each manual customization differs from the next.

Affordable, Intelligent tutoring technology, under the direction of the teacher, provides that one-to-one learning environment, with appropriate individual reinforcement, over time to create individual fluency and individual critical information transfer.



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