May 172011

AA ISP Announces the Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP®)

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 AA ISP: CISP®, the first & only inside sales professional credential.

The AA ISP is proud and excited to announce the Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP®) Accreditation, our Industry’s first and only professional credential.

AA ISP: The CISP® accreditation was developed to establish and measure the fundamental skills and competencies critical for today’s Inside Sales Professionals. The CISP® is a web-based program and consists of 10 comprehensive preparatory courses culminating with a live, “sales call simulation” final examination. Successful completion of the CISP® program tells employers, colleagues, and customers you have passed a rigorous set of preparatory requirements, and demonstrated mastery of the skills required to be a successful Inside Sales Professional.

From the quality of the preparatory content to the thoroughness of the “live” sales call examination, the CISP® delivers the highest standard of excellence. Organizations can hire a CISP® with confidence, knowing they are serious about their careers and have the skills to be successful in today’s demanding selling environment.

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