Feb 222011

AA ISP: American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

AA ISP: Thomas S. McDonald, Principal of  Mc Donald Sales and Marketing, LLC is a proud member of The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals; AA ISP

aa isp;McDonald Sales and marketing, LLC

 AA ISP: A Unique Mission 

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals ( AA ISP ) is dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. As the only association of its kind, the AA ISP serves as an authoritative resource to leaders and individual sales representatives who want to take their organization and careers to the next level of professionalism and performance. Our mission is accomplished through an industry-specific focus on leadership and individual development, member forums and networking, best practice sharing, individual training, career development, sales accreditation and annual conferences.

 AA ISP: An Association Built on Results:   

AA ISP founder and CEO Bob Perkins has dedicated nearly 20 years to establishing, building, and improving professional inside sales organizations. The Association’s principles have a combined 75 years of professional inside sales experience. It is this wealth of practical knowledge and passion for leading people which forms the bedrock of the Association. Deep within AA ISP is a focus on the core belief that people, not process, is an inside organization’s most valuable resource.


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