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Personalized Learning: Innovate to Educate:

Personalized Learning: System [Re]Design for Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning: A Report From The 2010 Symposium

Personalized Learning; Author: Mary Ann Wolf, PhD, Wolf Ed 
Key Findings
On August 4-6, 2010 in Boston (MA), 150 invited education leaders convened at the SIIA-ASCD-CCSSO Symposium on [Re]Design for Personalized Learning. They gathered under the common belief that today’s education system is inadequate to meet the needs of tomorrow, and focused on identifying changes essential to transform learning for each student. Following are the Symposium participants’ key findings about how to redesign our current education model to a student-centered, customized learning model that will better engage, motivate, and prepare our students to be career and college ready.
The Symposium confirmed the following assumptions among participants and others advocating and implementing a personalized learning model:

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