Jan 192017

Student Sustained Performance Improvement

eSchool News; Does growing student diversity mean a renewed focus on personalized learning?

One district invests in a personalized learning framework and sees results soar within their diverse student body.

student sustained performance improvement

edWeb.net;  Join Personalized Learning for ALL

Personalized Learning for All is a free professional learning community (PLC) that brings together researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and product developers to share the latest research findings, best practices, and success stories that are shaping the development of research-based programs and products to address the growth of learning variability in today’s schools.

student sustained performance improvement

EdsbyInside one of the largest, most successful K-12 LMS rollouts ever

The eighth-largest school district in the United States detailed how it selected Edsby, how it’s getting unprecedented use and what the district plans to do with Edsby in the future.

student sustained performance improvement


Educationally Innovative K-12 Software: SIS, LMS, LCMS, Comprehensive Research Report – Executive Summary

Empowering Students Success

Forgetting Curve and Why it’s Important to Student Success Outcomes

Paradigm Paralysis


Research Available, BUT Not Properly Utilized

Technology Pedagogy Content Knowledge


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