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Transparency School Funding


Transparency School Funding – POSTED ON FEBRUARY 8, 2016 | OP-ED


Transparency School Funding – When there are public funds being spent, complete transparency must be the protocol.

As we look deeper into funding, we find out, more often than we like,  if there is secrecy (lack of transparency), there most often is significant waste.

There are also similar examples of lack of transparency in school board/trustee decision making. When the secrecy is uncovered, there tends to be controversy over the closed door, decisions made.

Transparency provides accountability. Lack of transparency provides no accountability. Transparency must prevail.


Transparency School Funding – Despite recent reports, changes to Payson Unified School District’s budget and those of other Arizona districts are not a disaster but an exercise in efficiency that is long overdue.

For years, Arizona districts have counted the number of students enrolled in the spring and based the next year’s budget on that figure. This is an inaccurate practice because students change schools for many reasons—their parents may get new jobs in a different part of town, and students move in and out of Arizona for this and many other reasons (graduation and grade promotion, to name just a few). In 2012, Goldwater Institute research found the practice of funding based on last year’s student count (“ghost students”) cost taxpayers $125 million because we pay for empty seats in some schools and pay twice for students in other schools.

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Transparency School Funding