Feb 102013

Education Reform: Learning Research; Newsletter, Issue #24, 02/10/13

Here are some recent and interesting articles about education reform and deep learning, I thought you might find interesting:

(1) Why schools must move beyond ‘one-to-one computing’
Ed-tech consultant Alan November recommends using perspective and a new term instead: One to the World
Arizona State University has become ground zero for data-driven teaching in higher education. The university has rolled out an ambitious effort to turn its classrooms into laboratories for technology-abetted  “adaptive learning” — a method that purports to give instructors real-time intelligence on how well each of their students is getting each concept
(3) New Research Finds Role of Coaching Expanding, Leading to the Emergence of Coaching Cultures Within Organizations
Richard Culatta, Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the US Department of Education talks about reimagining learning
 (5) Katherine Merseth of the Harvard Grad School of Ed on “fixing schools.”

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