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Performance Support: Pep Boys Adopts Interval-Based Training

Performance Support – Shifting Associates into High Gear: Pep Boys Adopts Interval-Based Training

Performance Support: By Laura Martin,September 12, 2012
Performance Support: “Due to the training and high associate engagement, Pep Boys created the culture shift it was trying to achieve—significant improvements in safety and loss prevention. Safety incidents and claim counts were reduced by more than 45 percent. Shoplifting, organized crime, administrative errors, and employee theft have significantly dropped as well. Inventory shrink rates alone have decreased by 55 percent.”

Performance Support: Organizations are spending millions of dollars on training, but most are not making huge strides in achieving bottom-line results. Pep Boys is an exception. The full-service automotive aftermarket retail chain is seeing significant reductions in safety incidents and shrink rates thanks to a breakthrough training initiative.

The challenge: loss prevention and safety awareness

Three years ago, Pep Boys implemented interval reinforcement training as part of an overhaul to its loss prevention (LP) and safety awareness programs. Like most companies, Pep Boys had always delivered LP and safety messages to associates via a comprehensive awareness program that included posters, manager talks, and team huddles. The company found that although it was committed and consistent in delivering these messages in a variety of forms, it wasn’t seeing the results it wanted.

Back injuries, internal theft, receiving errors, and other common LP and safety issues continued to be problems despite the company’s efforts. When Pep Boys did see a reduction in accidents and shrink, it could not pinpoint the cause. However, after it saw an improvement, rates quickly rose again for no obvious reason.

performance report

The missing piece: performance support

performance support

Tom McDonald’s Comments:

The learning research is solid that this is how individuals most effectively and efficiently learn, transfer and apply critical must know information.

Congrats to Pep Boys for empowering their employees with a proven way to advance individual learning outcomes that lead to advanced, measurable, performance improvement outcomes (fewer safety incidents and claims, decreased shrink rates)

Ongoing individualized performance support is the proven ticket.

Kudos to Learning Solutions Magazine for highlighting this essential learning, transfer and application ingredient

Note that web based technology has been available since 2000 that empowers employers to achieve similar results, effectively and efficiently


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