Jun 282012

Buying Process: “Understand the Customer’s Buying Process”

Buying Process: What Does “Understand the Customer’s Buying Process” Really Mean for Your Salespeople?

Buying Process: By Kevin Davis on June 20, 2012

Many thought leaders today are talking about the importance of understanding your customer’s buying process, and aligning your sales strategy accordingly. But what does that mean?

Pam, a sales manager for a leading office technology solutions provider, received an RFP for an opportunity to sell 600 monitors to a healthcare facility with 20 locations. The customer was shopping price, and Pam’s sales rep working the opportunity had prepared a response to the RFP that included only 3% mark-up. Instead, Pam scheduled a meeting with the customer.

Trying to approach this RFP from a customer-focused perspective, Pam realized that some important considerations were being overlooked.

Given all the information available to buyers on the web, many customers think they understand their own needs, but don’t. Pam’s goal when she walked into the meeting was to get the customer to move backwards in their buying process. Pam wanted the customer to slow down, and think some more things through.

During the meeting, Pam asked:

buying process




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