Jun 012012

Virtual Education Seen Lacking Accountability

Virtual Education: By Katie Ash , Education Week, 060112
Virtual Education: Tom McDonald’s Comments:
The most effective and efficient learning happens when brain based, learning research validated, learning methodologies are employed:
  • Instructor facilitated,  differentiated instruction over time and Instructor facilitated differented reinforcement, over time, in a blended learning environment
    • This applies within the classroom AND with online learning 

The best individual learning outcomes occur in this learning enabled environment.

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Although enrollment continues to grow each year in full-time online schools, more research is needed about the effectiveness of such schools, says a report from the National School Boards Association.

“We want to harness all the benefits of technology to really propel student learning, … but at the same time, we find the lack of really good information about results and accountability really troubling,” said Patte Barth, a co-author of the report and the director of the NSBA’s Center for Public Education, which provides data and research for school board members and other educators. She spoke in a conference call tied to the release of the report this month.

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