May 032012

Sales Training:  A deeper look at sales training provider capabilities 

Sales Training:  Article | Mon, 04/30/2012 | by: Dave SteinWhen evaluating a potential sales training partner, there are a host of considerations and trade-offs. Best practices in evaluating sales training companies shows us that an objective assessment of a provider’s capabilities against your requirements is essential.

Every company seeking the best solution for its needs will have a different list, with different priorities, but here are just some of the capabilities that should be considered during an evaluation process:

  • Methodology  Do you currently employ a sales methodology? If not, you will have to buy one or build one. If you hire a trainer that is strong only in selling skills content, delivery will not be sufficient. Their ability to collaborate with you on a methodology is crucial.
  • Program breadth and depth  Working with more than one training company can be challenging. Does this provider deliver all the content you need in the way you need it?
  • Program effectiveness  Can the provider prove that salespeople who have been through its programs sell more?
  • Instructional design  Adults learn differently than children. Many salespeople learn differently than other adults. Have the programs been designed for optimal learning for your team?
  • Ability to customize  Using out-of-the-box sales training typically does not yield the same results as a customized offering. What is the provider’s approach to customization?
  • Learning technology  Some traditional instructor-led training is being supplanted or supplemented by either live or on-demand virtual training. How does the provider deliver virtual content? What is the provider’s approach to the ongoing reinforcement that is critical to every sales training intervention?
  • Sales manager/coaching programs  Sales managers must be trained on the same content as their sales reps and additionally, how to manage and coach their reps to achieve the behavioral change required for real transformation. What programs and approaches does the provider offer?
  • Integration with other departments  How does the provider approach the integration of sales and marketing, service, engineering and other departments that participate directly or indirectly in the selling effort?
  • Advanced selling content  For many companies, basic selling alone does not get the job done. Some require capabilities in political leverage, financial acumen, competitive strategies and tactics, and strategic negotiation to name just a few.
  • Change management  Many companies have a culture that is resistant to change. Does the provider recognize that and have a proven approach for assuring adoption from top to the bottom within the organization?


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