May 042012

Principal Evaluation: Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems

Principal Evaluation: Online Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems

Across the country, states and districts are designing principal evaluation systems as a means of improving leadership, learning, and school performance. Principal evaluation systems hold potential for supporting leaders’ learning and sense of accountability for instructional excellence and student performance. Principal evaluation is also an important component of state and district systems of leadership support efforts, especially when newly designed evaluation systems work in conjunction with principal certification, hiring, and professional development systems.

This site compiles key resources to support these efforts, found not only on the TQ Center website but other national websites as well. Key resources include the following:

  • Our new downloadable guide: A Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems
  • Overviews of eight key components of teacher evaluation systems
  • Interactive guides to key questions to consider when designing teacher evaluation systems
  • Resources to support development


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