Mar 242011

Lifelong Learning – Brain Waves Module 2 ; Neuroscience: implications for education and lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning:  This report highlights advances in neuroscience with potential implications for education and lifelong learning. The report authors, including neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and education specialists, agree that if applied properly, the impacts of neuroscience could be highly beneficial in schools and beyond.

Professor Uta Frith FRS introduces the Royal Society Brain Waves Module 2 report (4 mins, requires Flash Player).


The report argues that our growing understanding of how we learn should play a much greater role in education policy and should also feature in teacher training. The report also discusses the challenges and limitations of applying neuroscience in the classroom and in learning environments throughout life.

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This module of the Brain Waves project aims to open up dialogue between the research community, policy officials and education professionals and to reach grounded conclusions on areas of policy interest.  That is why, for the first time ever, the Royal Society website is open to comments on this topic here. Whether you are a neuroscientist, teacher, or a member of the public, we welcome your views.

This is the second of four ‘modules’ from the Royal Society’s Brain Waves project, which aims to investigate developments in neuroscience and their implications for society.  The project is led by a Steering Group, chaired by Professor Colin Blakemore FRS.  The first module, Neuroscience, Society and Policy, is a collection of essays that together provide a primer of current developments in neuroscience and highlight interesting issues and questions for society and policy. The third and fourth modules will examine Neuroscience, conflict and security (Module 3); and Neuroscience, responsibility and the law (Module 4).


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