Mar 182011

Learning Transfer: Who is Responsible (Accountable) for the Transfer of Learning?

Learning Transfer: By Tom McDonald McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

Learning Transfer: We understand and agree why individual transfer of critical information is so important.

I’ve been researching the learning transfer – How you ensure that learning sticks for each training participant.

There are volumes of  credible, supporting documentation, from a wide variety of  sources, that there is a real gap in making learning individually stick (learning transfer) .

Since we agree that individual transfer is essential to a successful outcomes, who  is responsible for taking ownership, ensuring individual follow-through and being accountable?

  • Is it the trainer?
  • Is it the manager?
  • Is it the trainers boss?
  • Is it the managers boss?
  • Is it the individual participant?

My goal is to open an honest dialog, with the defined goal of improving  a real problem.  The  easy, routine answer that “all participants are responsible”, is not an option in this dialog. We need to get past the traditional thinking that everyone is responsible, but no-one is accountable.

Who in your opinion SHOULD own this responsibility and be directly accountable for individual transfer and why?

Who in your opinion SHOULD NOT be directly accountable for individual transfer and why?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Tom McDonald


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