Sep 282011

Enterprise Learning Strategy: Return on Your Training Investment

Enterprise Learning: By Dave Basarab on Tue, Sep 27, 2011

A recent Forbes article titled “Are You Wasting Money On Management Training,” questioned the practice of companies spending money on training programs without measurable business impact.   I believe and practice with my clients that with the right training approach, companies will get a significant return on their training investments in line with other investments (such as new manufacturing facilities, IT systems, etc.).

Many companies are cutting back on training programs in today’s tough economic environment, believing they can’t afford training and development initiatives.  But with the correct training approach, they can’t afford not to train, and can actually impact their bottom-line business results positively and significantly.  In the next 5 blog posts I will offer my apporach for company leadership fighting to justify training’s value within their organizations.

STEP 1: Create an “Enterprise Learning Strategy” – Learning investments require long-term focus. Successful companies balance the tradeoffs between short-term profits for greater future returns. A winning strategic learning plan must include the identification, design, prediction of value, development, deployment, and evaluation of effective curricula.

METHODOLOGY – I use a proven process to build a robust, best-in-class Enterprise Learning Plan. To learn more READ HERE.


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