Aug 042011

Whole Brain Thinking: Ignore It at Your Peril

Whole Brain: By Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

Whole brain thinking has everything to do with employee performance. Think about how your customers’ brains learn when designing learning and performance programs.

Thirty years ago, a high-potential manager in a training class at General Electric’s corporate university listened as my father, Ned Herrmann, then head of GE’s management education, discussed research he was developing on how the brain affects day-to-day operations.

Struggling to find relevance, the manager remarked, “Learning about the brain is certainly interesting, but Ned, what does the brain have to do with managing?”

“Everything!” Herrmann replied.

By contrast, those learning about whole brain thinking today are often struck by its real-world impact and applications. A manager in a recent whole brain thinking leadership program exclaimed: “If only I had known this years ago! It would have saved me so much time and frustration!”

whole brain


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