May 192017



Hospital Cyber Attacks: Another Challenge to the Healthcare Industry

HANA.Expert’s Clients take preventive measures to eliminate Cyber Attacks in Hospitals

This weekend’s ransomware attacks on hospitals, demonstrate the vulnerability of healthcare organizations in dealing with cyber-attacks. In the UK, Hospitals are recovering from the recent Cyber Attacks. Patients were affected by having their private information compromised, canceling or delaying treatments. Hospitals are fertile grounds for hackers. Healthcare organizations store millions of patient clinical and financial records. Hospitals also have to share sensitive patient information with multiple different organizations. “Our clients have taken a proactive approach and have engaged HANA.Expert to conduct security assessments, create storage strategies and define security mitigation plans”, said Oscar Perez President of HANA.Expert.

HANA.Expert helps Hospitals to protect their Healthcare Data and Applications. We protect cloud applications, websites, web applications, critical databases, files and Big Data repositories from hackers and insider threats—ultimately protecting your patient’s data— Patients Matters Most.

HANA.Expert is also offering new clients free Security Requirements Discovery Sessions. The Discovery Sessions consist of a planning process that starts with the identification of the company’s core business goals. A scorecard is developed to measure the pre and post event scores against the participants’ understanding, belief, or commitment to corporate goals such as innovation and continuous improvement. The Discovery Session helps to identify: What the client think/know before the meeting? What the client think/know after the meeting? Where were the gaps and how could they be better addressed?

For more information on the Complementary Security Requirements Discovery Sessions, please contact:
Tom McDonald
Territory Sales Manager
302 715-0062
About HANA.Expert

HANA.Expert has deep Healthcare industry expertise. We have more industry-specific experience than any of the other Security, Big Data, and Business Intelligence technology consulting firm. HANA.Expert has experts who have a career emphasis in the area of Security, Business Intelligence, Management Information Reporting and Enterprise Data Warehousing for more than fifteen years. Our Subject Matter Experts provide a level of expertise and experience that is unique in the industry.

HANA.Expert’s Healthcare practice offers security, business intelligence, regulatory compliance, and technology consulting services to providers, payers, and suppliers around the country. We serve healthcare clients, providing assistance with information and business risk management, security, Big Data, analytics operations improvement, and business intelligence performance improvement. HANA.Expert’s web site is located at http://HANA.Expert/. You can contact HANA.Expert at Info@HANA.Expert, Tel. 1-(302)-715- 0062 and Tel. 1-(877)-212-9407.

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