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Sales Process: The Importance of Mapping Sales Processes

Sales Process: Friday, September 9th, 2011 by HEED with might and main

Selling is a hybrid of art and science. Although top sales people finish their deals successfully with their innate talent and skills, research shows that even those top selling people follow their own specific track for achievements without them knowing that they are actually behind a successful virtual sales mapped process.

A sales mapping process is purely a way of planning out all steps, tasks, actions and abilities required to take a sale from beginning to close, and follow-up. Each step is client-focused centric and consists of several key activities with a measurable result.

It is like a portrait that has different effect and importance depending on the angle and how close you stand. It is always a successful sales cycle.

Managerial and the Macro Level

  • Better visibility of the pipeline: if you don’t see it, you can’t understand it thus you cannot improve it.
  • Brace best practices and performances. “Leaders who build and invest in their infrastructure are the ones that put themselves ahead from competitions” Howard Schultz
  • Improve your forecasting precision and obviousness. Thus management will have solid foundation for planning ahead. Further a flexibility to change faster with the fast economic changes.

Sales Individual and the Micro Level

  • The mapped process will act as a guideline for every individual. This guideline helps to pull them back on track when losing site, and helps them to understand where they are positioned, when to come in or when to drop out of the deal.
  • Every step, task or action, coupled with a measurable outcome will act as a small win that ignites their emotions, fuels their motivation, and triggers their perception. Thus it increases sales motivation and acceleration of overall performance. This is not a strategy or a plan but an understanding. The difference is very crucial.
  • Support average and poor performers with the needed tools for bringing in sales regularly. Thus cloning more rainmakers


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