May 202012

Marketing Mistakes that Sales People Make

Marketing Mistakes: By Gary Coleshill, 051912

#1 assuming people actually want your product:

Assuming that your clients actually want and need your products and service can be an exercise in optimism, and futility.

Just because you may offer a one-of-a-kind service, does not mean that people want it!

You are going to lose money trying to market and sell a product that no one wants.

You must prove to yourself that your clients really want what you are offering by first finding out they
really want and need.

So do research, conduct surveys, send out questionnaires etc.

Test, test, and test again
#2 Making an inconsistent effort: 

One of the biggest challenges of businesses is consistent marketing.

So commit to setting aside a minimum amount of time each day where you will engage in marketing activities.

Commit to a Marketing plan for every day of the week and stick to it.

#3 Being a Jack of all Trades by offering too many products & services:

You have to be clear with yourself about what you do in order to be clear with your target market about what you do.

Are you a jack of all trades or do you offer a specialty service or product?

Instead of marketing all of your services, try marketing just a few of them.

Offer your most appealing product first in order to get your foot in the door, and build a relationship with the client.

Once you have done that then you can start offering your other goods, and services.

#4 Not having a consistent look and message to your marketing:

Everything must integrate, and match and convey a consistent message, look, and feel.
So go back, recheck your website, business cards, e mail templates, brochures, and your social media
platforms, like Linkedin, Facebook, and even Twitter and make sure that your message, and
look is consistent.

#5 Not having an elevator speech:

Everyone needs a 30 second elevator speech that describes exactly what you do, and more importantly how it benefits the client in 30 seconds or less.

If you don`t have one, write one today.

Once it’s finished put it on every piece of marketing material that you have, and use it all of the time.


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