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Jun 142011

Enterprise Education: Top 20 Trends in Enterprise Education

Enterprise Education: Written by Joe DiDonato on April 14, 2011

In preparation for a more in-depth article in our next issue of Elearning! Magazine, I thought I’d pull the ‘trends’ table from the article I wrote entitled, The Top “Must Haves” in your next LMS.”

How did we come up with the list?  We used our unique perspective and our editorial staff to look back a decade to see what had dominated the landscape.  We then compared it to current practices to see if there was any movement – either up or down.  We then projected that movement forward to come up with this initial list.

What do you think of the list?  We would love to hear your feedback:

A Decade Ago A Decade Forward
  1. 80% classroom based
  2. 80% formal
  3. Centrally administered, instructor-led
  4. Centrally provided information
  5. LMS as a learning destination
  6. Isolated learning
  7. Hour-long learning objects
  8. Location-centric
  9. One size fits all
  10. Directed lab experience
  11. Closed educational resources
  12. Available at certain times
  13. Segmented by team function
  14. Global considerations emerging
  15. Just-in-case education and learning
  16. Company-centric education
  17. Country-centric language support
  18. Minimal Talent Management Support
  19. Some elective certifications provided
  20. “Behind our firewall” mentality
  1. 80% in the workplace
  2. 80% informal
  3. Self-directed learning
  4. Search based inquiries
  5. Social networks for learning
  6. Social / networked learning
  7. 5-minute long video snippets
  8. Mobile-centric
  9. Individualized / personalized
  10. + games and simulations
  11. + open educational resources
  12. 24/7 availability of learning
  13. Project-based against company goals
  14. Global plus country localization needs
  15. Context sensitive – just-in-time
  16. Education to the “Extended Enterprise”
  17. Support of global languages
  18. Talent Management Support Key
  19. Mandatory compliance and regulations
  20. Software as a Service (SaaS) mentality


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