Jul 082011

 Making Onboarding Work

by Dick Grote, Tuesday June 28, 2011, via hbr.org

With fresh faces in organizations and new interns flooding offices, it’s time to really think about what the first steps are for making onboarding work.

Originally, the process of converting a newly-hired stranger into a fully-contributing and knowledgeable employee was left to the personnel department’s most junior benefits clerk in the first-day orientation program, with the employee left to sink-or-swim her way to success from there. Today, onboarding is the most recent addition to a manager’s checklist. Companies realize that there’s a high payoff in this unique early honeymoon period by making the new employee feel welcome and comfortable in her new surroundings, assuring the person that she’s made a good decision, and minimizing the time it takes to become productive members of her new workgroup.




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