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Jul 312012

Channel Management: How an “A” Channel Partner Turned in a “C” Scorecard

Channel Management: Posted by Drew Zarges on Thu, Jul 26, 2012

Channel Management: We see it in Sales Organizations and Golf Tournaments. An unexpected event occurs, whether it’s a lost blockbuster deal that was at 95% forecast, or an errant drive into the woods.  Suddenly the goal – making the number or a major victory – is threatened.  Panic sets in. Process and cadence are thrown out the window, and a fiasco unfolds before our eyes.

When you find your performance disrupted, go back to the fundamentals.  Download a proven way for the Salesforce to maintain process despite setbacks:  The Opportunity Assessment.  Register for the Make The Number Tour to Get Access to this Job Aid and more of our Make the Number Templates. Register Here.

Consider the case of “Cloud Systems Installation”*.  CSI was the crown jewel in a Vendor’s channel partner program, and had consistently hit the top tier revenue mark to receive the biggest discount and bonus compensation for the sales team.  Then, three quarters ago, a mega-deal guaranteed to close fell through. It crushed management’s hopes of hitting the quarterly number.  However, instead of accepting the set-back, the team readjusted priorities and pushed to make the number.  The results: they missed that quarter’s quota, then followed it with their worst quarter in 3 years.  Why?

Sales Reps Pushed Customers Through the Sales Cycle


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