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ASTD Adds Social Learning to its Competency Model

 Lenn Millbower, Presentation Skills Examiner August 29, 2011
social learningASTD has added social learning to its competency model for workplace learning professionals, originally developed in 2004. It describes a competency model as “the competencies needed to perform a specific role in a job, organization, or profession.”

The competency model is divided into three sections, with competencies listed in each section. Those sections and associated roles are as follows from the bottom up.

Foundational Competencies define relevant behaviors for learning and performance professionals.

  • Interpersonal: how well you work with, manage, and influence people, policy, and change.
  • Business and Management: how well you analyze situations, make decisions, and implement solutions.
  • Personal: how well you adapt to change and make personal decisions to enhance your career.

On top of the Foundational Competencies are Areas of Expertise. ASTD defines Areas of Expertise as the specialized knowledge/skills an individual needs to perform in specific learning and performance roles and situations:

  • Career planning and talent management
  • Coaching
  • Delivering training
  • Designing learning
  • Facilitating organizational change
  • Improving human performance
  • Managing the learning function
  • Managing organizational knowledge
  • Measuring and evaluating

At the top of the competency model are four Roles:

  • Learning strategist
  • Business partner
  • Project manager
  • Professional specialist

Social learning has been added and assigned it to the Managing Organizational Knowledge bullet in Areas of Expertise. Although the location seems arbitrary to this Examiner, it is a welcome addition.

social learning


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