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Talent War – 2011

Talent War: “Subject: Survey says sales talent war looming

Talent War: As we enter 2011 the economy is showing real signs of recovery. Savvy business leaders are assessing how the recovery will impact their respective organizations and developing strategies to take advantage of the improving economy.

The 2011 Sales Hiring Trends report-(download free at http://www.saleshiringtrends.com/) provides a quantitative snap shot and analysis of expected trends in sales recruiting and hiring in the emerging economic recovery. The data was gathered from surveys sent to more than 26,000 sales leaders, business owners, senior executives and human resource professionals.

One clear finding is that sales recruiting continues to pose one of the most daunting challenges for today’s business leaders. In 2011 the pressure on sales leaders and HR managers to recruit, hire and retain high-performing sales organizations will only grow more intense.”1.

Talent War: What is your strategy to differentiate yourself from your competition? 


You need to hire the right people.


You need to ramp your people to your critical information mastery (fluency), in the shortest time possible.

You need tools for both critical tasks, which differentiate you from your competition and visibly benefit your new recruits.

Talent War: Hiring the Right Individuals:   

The best employee selection tools, will ensure that that your candidate has the most desired characteristics to succeed, will allow you to develop them to those ideal characteristics and will allow you to determine, down the line, if that employee has the desired characteristics for other opportunities within your organization.

Talent War: Getting your new hires to critical information mastery in the shortest time possible:

You need to ensure that every person reaches true mastery in the shortest amount of time. Mastery produces people who have the adaptive reasoning skills required to effectively apply knowledge to new situations.

The best learning performance improvement technology will ensure that your new recruits will be fluent in your critical information in the shortest time possible.


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1. Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy, 2/08/2011