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Trends 2016 Ed Tech

Trends 2016 -The Most Important Ed Tech Trends of 2016


trends 2016

Trends 2016 – It can be hard to keep up in US K-12 education these days. Coding and computer science are entering the core curriculum in the seven largest US districts. Teachers are sharing professional development lessons over Twitter. Schools are “wiring up” to meet high demands for devices and communication. Understanding these trends is critical because, for better or for worse, they shape how K-12 education is changing and at their core is a common thread: technology.

Education and education technology are NOT the same thing: technology is galvanizing ideas and innovation in education but offers no cure-all. The education technology trends that have emerged are responding to problems and forces that have shaped the world of education for decades. These problems range from the financial constraints faced by schools and districts to the changes in employment and skills opportunities, to the emerging factors that impede—or open up—access to high-quality education.

EdSurge has spent months researching the predominant edtech trends, exploring data and engaging many voices including educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, investors, parents and policy-makers. We didn’t simply want to leave our readers with yet another “top 10” list. We wanted to share the perspectives, hopes and, at times, frustrations of others as we all move forward to shape the future of teaching and learning.

Trends 2016 –Access The Entire Article Here, Including Access to the Interactive Ed Tech Trend Bar Chart


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trends 2016