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Performance Improvement from Advanced Learning Outcomes
Aug 152012

Performance Improvement from Advanced Learning Outcomes

Performance Improvement: Percentage increase in performance as a result of completing a learning journeyperformance improvement

Performance Improvement: This was posted recently, within the LinkedIn eLearning Guild Group:

“By going through this learning journey, you will experience a 70% improvement in your job performance.”

1. Given the fact that there are various models and theories on the impact of learning, is it at all possible to make a statement like this? My feeling is that it isn’t possible – the impact needs to be unpacked in terms of the various impact dimensions, which is dependent on the theory one applies.

2. If it were possible to show an improvement as a percentage (as per the example above), what would be the levels of improvement that could be achieved?

Tom McDonald’s Comments:

performance improvement

Under the traditional, event based, one to many training approach, this 70% improvement in learning journey statement would be far fetched.

Under the new learning model, this 70% improvement in learning journey might be UNDERstated.

If your goal is individual, long term learning, of critical must know information:

Where individual, long term, critical must know learning, = Appropriate, Professionally Facilitated: initial understanding, ongoing reinforcement, fluency/mastery, recall (eliminating forgetting), application, stick/behavior change, adaptive reasoning skills, in the most effective and most efficient way possible


The new truly personalized, long term, learning model:

“ Instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning, over time, with Instructor facilitated, truly personalized reinforcement, over time, in an Instructor facilitated, truly personalized, blended learning environment, over time”. [ Supplemented with instructor facilitated, truly personalized, learning technology ]

Instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning (the new learning model, above) has delivered the following documented, advanced, individual, learning results (over traditional one to many learning)

More Stimulation per Minute of Study
300% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
11% less study time, 22% less test time, and 95% higher test scores

and in sales:

“Management reported a 300% increase in sales, within a 6-month period after training”
“Management reported negotiated contracts that earned the company an extra two million dollars in profit per negotiator over the previous year”.

and with at risk high school learners, with a HS exit exam:

Turnkey eLearning application for California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE);

Advanced English Learners pass rates up to 78%;Advanced Special Education learners pass rates up to 50%;

Advanced Traditional education learners pass rates up to 100%.

With a calculated HS ROI:

Return on Investment (ROI), economic validations, have ranged between 800% and 4,000%+

The research is solid that “85% of sales training initiatives have little to no impact on performance after 90-120 days.”

What if you were able to transfer learning and performance improvement to the 85% that are lost above?

Could a 30%, short term, sales performance improvement bump be advanced to a 70% long term sales performance improvement scenario? I think so.

Is traditional training, as it relates to long term learning and learning transfer really
this bad? The answer is yes!

Recall right out of a classroom is 80%. Recall 2 weeks out, without appropriate reinforcement, is 28% and it fades away from there.

What is lost on performance improvement if:

The information is not correctly understood?
The information is not correctly applied?
The information is forgotten?
Behaviors are not changed long term.

Effective and efficient, long term learning solves these problems, directly and as a result carries through to long term, individual performance improvement, consistent with individual and organizational strategic objectives.

If long term learning wasn’t such an issue why is there such emphasis in learning, personalized learning and ongoing performance support?

The answer is that the learning research is solid that this is how individuals learn, long term and that advanced individual long term learning, carries through to advanced, long term individual performance improvement, consistent with strategic objectives.

I have supporting documentation for those interested ( email me:

What is your thinking?



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