Sep 292011

Sales Culture: What’s a Sales Culture? Eight Indicators of a Strong Sales Culture

Sales Culture: By Mike McCormac, Via SOLDLAB

What is a sales culture?

Apparently every organistion now has a ‘sales culture’.  If that is in fact true, what exactly is a ‘sales culture’?  Here are eight indicators that point to a strong sales culture in an organisation.

Eight indicators of a strong sales culture

  • The sales team’s organisation is consistent and not changed frequently
  • Incentive schemes remain in place consistently for considerable periods and include client satisfaction measures as well as revenue and profitability
  • Sales training is continuous, includes skills based training as well as product and offer training and training has a strong sales coaching component
  • Sales discussions focus on value not price
  • Sales people think about their client’s clients as well as the actual clients
  • Sales people are included in the design of new products and services
  • Sales people have an external focus and are supported by internal functions when required
  • Sales management is constantly seeking new ways to help their team be more effective


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