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Selling Skills: The 10 Critical Selling Skills and Traits of High Earning Sales People

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Selling Skills: What makes a super sales person?

Well, our research and sales training courses have made it clear to us that it’s more complex than most people think.

In the past, top-flight sales professionals have had to demonstrate:

1. A supreme work ethic, high levels of drive, and a competitive determination to win.

2. A great knowledge of the target market, the capabilities of the selling organisation, and its competitors.

3. High levels of selling skills, such as questioning, influencing, objection handling, closing techniques, and negotiation skills.

4. Confidence and focus when dealing with people at a senior level.

5. Consistently professional behaviour and an ability to sell within their own organisation.

However, in today’s more challenging environment – and with the recent drive by corporates for the professionalisation of their sales forces – what seems to differentiate truly great, or ‘super’, sales people in the eye’s of today’s top employers is that they must also have the following (‘new world’) selling skills:

selling skills


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