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Sales Managers: 7 Things That Frustrate Sales Managers
Jul 282011

Sales Managers: 7 Things That Frustrate Sales Managers

Sales Managers: Posted by Drew Stevens on July 27, 2011 ·

Seven things that frustrate sales managers

Did you ever just sit around the office wondering what was in the head of the person next to you? Did you ever have a little voice saying what does he/she think about me? We all have these thoughts and with economic volatility high the voices seem to get much louder.

I thought this might be a good time especially with the fourth quarter just around the turn to discover what on earth your sales managers are thinking and what you can do to alter their thinking.

  1. Sitting in the office – The time with customers is much more important than time with peers.
  2. Incorrect sales reports – Even the veteran is held to key performance measurements and accuracy is king when the sales manager needs to report to top management.
  3. Lack of preparation – Sales managers should never visit accounts unless sales representatives have provided a thorough account profile. Both sales manager and representative need to know what to say after hello.
  4. Lead laziness – Isn’t it amazing that no matter the organization or the sales representative, the same sentence is uttered, “I do not have enough leads.” With close to 7 billion people on earth how can anyone run out of leads? After 30 years I am still on the A’s1
  5. Refusal to use CRM – Margot requires her sales representatives to use their internal CRM system but is constantly told there is no time and the system is too confusing. Without information senior management cannot understand or help sales. When information exists aid is on the way.
  6. Hiding behind email and voice mail – Selling is about creating customer centric relationships. The more sales reps are with clients the better. Sales managers want representatives speaking directly to clients.
  7. Excuses for not hitting the numbers – Simply put it is all about results. Sales manager seek those that are in the field of play not spectators or Monday morning quarterbacks. The only thing that matters is “what have you done for me lately.”

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