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Sales Training: Come On, Dave. Who’s The Best Sales Trainer?

Sales Training: Posted on February 11th, 2010 by Dave Stein

When I tell them that’s not a question I can easily answer, many offer to pay me just for providing them with “just one name.”

If they press me for an answer I take a deep breath and say…

I first need you to tell me just a bit about the company seeking the best sales training firm:”

  • What do they sell?
  • How do they sell it?
  • How well do they sell it?
  • Why do they win?
  • Why do they lose?
  • How long is their sales cycle?
  • Is it a complex or transactional sale?
  • Do they sell to committees or individual buyers?
  • What resources are required to support a rep?
  • How do their buyers buy?
  • Who are their competitors?
  • What’s their go-to-market strategy?
  • How are leads generated?
  • What percent of market share do they own?
  • What are their business goals and objectives for the coming quarter, year and three years out?
  • How well is the sales team performing? What percentage of sales reps are at or above quota?
  • What processes and tools do they currently have in place?
  • What geographic territories do they cover? In what languages? With what local cultural requirements?
  • How is the company structured?
  • What about their sales channels?
  • What compensation and incentive approach do they employ?
  • How well do the first line managers manage?
  • What gaps exist in management skills and capabilities?
  • Do they coach effectively to a process?
  • What analytic and measurement systems are in place?

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To Discuss how these Solutions will add value for you, your organization and/or your clients, Affinity/Resale Opportunities, and/or Collaborative Efforts, Please Contact:

Tom McDonald,; 608-788-5144; Skype: tsmw5752

sales training, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

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  2 Responses to “Sales Training: Who’s The Best Sales Trainer?”

  1. Do you know any sales trainer who will gurantee the client will take in more profits than the cost of the sales training…..or money will be refunded?

    • Hi Rick

      Yes I do.

      (1) This sales solution was marketed with a money back guarantee.

      The right to win was initially validated and metrics were bench marked and monitored

      The performance improvement initiatives were a huge success and no monies were requested/returned
      VI. SALES LEADERS: Creating More New Sales Opportunities

      Sales: Set More New Appointments
      Convert More Contacts to Contracts
      “Where can I go to get a ‘best practice’ approach for getting in more doors and closing more business… without having to try to re-invent the wheel?
      Historical Competency Improvement of: 596%
      Historical Training ROI of: 1148%

      For every Training Dollar ‘Loaned’…There is a Client Return of $11.48
      (Completely Based on The Clients Sales Numbers…Pre and Post Training)

      (2) This learning solution guarantees that each at risk, below grade, english language learner and special ed student will pass a high school exit exam or they will get their money back
      I am unaware, since it inception in 2000 that any monies have been returned, and 1,000’s of at risk students have benefited..
      This same learning solution has provided the following sales/learning results, by providing individual, long term learning, transfer, recall and application:
      “Management reported a 300% increase in sales, within a 6-month period after training”
      “Management reported negotiated contracts that earned the company an extra two million dollars in profit per negotiator over the previous year”
      More Stimulation per Minute of Study
      300% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
      11% less study time, 22% less test time, and 95% higher test scores
      There has been discussion of providing a money back guarantee, with the right content partner
      The sales training partner that advances individual learning, recall and application long term and provides the best ROI validating the same is the sales training partner of the future. Employers know that short term returns can be proven, it the long term impact that matters (> 120 days)\
      Solving long term, learning to fluency/mastery, recall, application, to advance individual performance consistent with strategic, individual and organization objectives in sales:
      (3) This certification incorporates the learning solution in (2) above, but I don’t believe it includes a money back guarantee
      I’m curious, why do you ask?

      Thanks, Tom

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